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Newsmen Do Not Decide What is Good and Evil – A Question of Ducks or Eagles  by Rev Michael Bresciani, Sept 2009


At no other time in our history have the principles and faith of our founding fathers been under attack as they are today. The Bibles President Obama said Americans cling to have a lot to say about this attack and it is not something this administration can easily deal with.


It seems that the President’s declaration that we are not a Christian nation and his belittlement of our faith in the Bible have gone a long way to assure some Americans that we need only follow him into the shining new American dream where all is gay, green, socialist and lean and health care is almost free if you can find any.


In a recent interview the President said listening to his critics wasn’t what he involved himself with but only deciding what was best for the American people. The last time anyone looked at the idea of self determination which is fundamental to American freedoms it was the citizens of this country who must decide what is best for them, not the President. When did that change?


Does the President need to patronize the American people or protect us from ourselves like dumb sheep that may run over a cliff at any given moment unless he shepherds us in the right direction, which in his view is left.


Along comes veteran conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly who after exclaiming dozens of times how he thinks the President is a smart man or is very intelligent now assures us the President is not “evil.” In yet another case of someone speaking outside of their calling, occupation, discipline or genre now we have newsman deciding what or who is good or evil. Don’t count on it!


Don’t send nasty emails because I too am on O’Reilly’s side but just like the makers of Hebrew National hot dogs, I must answer to a higher power. Glenn beck seems to be taking up the slack O’Reilly is leaving behind but even that version of ‘good cop – bad cop’ can’t answer whether Barack Obama is evil. So who can?


Much to the chagrin of the President it is those Bibles we are all clinging to that offers the definitive proclamation of who or what is evil. What does it speak to this subject?


In Matthews’s gospel Christ said “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit." (Mt 7: 16-18)


Let’s not get bogged down in a deep theological treatise but rather lets just do some ‘fruit inspection.’ Here is the short list of the recent ‘fruit’ or accomplishments and proposals of the President and his administration. Does the Bible say any of them are evil? Unfortunately the main thrust of the Obama administration is obviously anti-scriptural therefore it is the Bible that declares that they are evil.


Signing FOCA into place to provide abortion across the board with accompanying literature to promote it worldwide was one of the first acts of the President when he took office. The Bible indicates in no uncertain terms that taking the lives of the unborn is pure evil.


Supporting the gay agenda in all of its efforts is an ongoing plight of the President. The Bible still clearly indicates that homosexuality is a gross sin of mankind and it is what indicates that a nation is dying and that it will shortly invoke strong judgments from God.


H.R. 3567 is a so called “Respect for Marriage Act” introduced by Jerrold Nadler (D) of New York that has as its intention anything but respect for marriage. This bill is endorsed by the President and if passed will serve to repeal the “Defense of Marriage Act” passed in 1996. Any attack on marriage between one man and one woman is a direct affront to every teaching of the scripture. It is a perversion of all that is right and can only be labeled as blatant evil.


In spite of recent denials anyone who read the original version of the Obama health care bill knows that counseling for assisted suicide was part of the bill. If taking the lives of the innocent unborn is evil then where does taking the lives of the elderly fall? Even suggesting that those who have labored, contributed, and undergone all of life’s ups and downs should be discarded is repugnant and according to scripture is completely evil starting with the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” but is not limited to that verse alone.


While Jesus was often criticized for keeping company with tax collectors harlots and other sinners he never became one of them, they became followers of him after their repentance. In the case of Barack Obama who kept company with racist pastors, police station bombers and socialists of every kind, it turns out that he became just like those he kept company with. Do we give him a pass because as O’Reilly said, he is very intelligent?  It is not hard to see why more Americans are daily coming to the same unflattering conclusion about Barack Obama.


The President recently appeared on TV interviews throughout the nation where he reminded Americans that to have their fifteen minutes of fame they need only say something rude. He said that people only pick the worst of any development in a news story out of the 24 hour news cycle and emphasize that one item. Do not make that mistake here. The things written of in this piece cover a lifetime and are part of the long range development of a man who has deep connections to ideologies and behavior that could never pass as Christian, American or Presidential.


We live in a world where lying, obfuscation, obscurantism and skullduggery are just part of everyday life. We almost expect politicians to lie but some are still decidedly honest in spite of it all. We do expect that the President should be a cut above the average politician. So does the President lie, obfuscate, fib or color the truth as Congressmen Joe Wilson recently said in an outburst on the floor of the joint address?


Last weekend alone the President said dozens of times on various news shows that he wanted to regulate businesses so he wouldn’t have to eventually bail them out. In the same breath he denied knowing about the money marked for Acorn in the stimulus bill. Is it a lie? If it is, then he is a liar if its not, he is no regulator.


Lying is not always in what we say but more often it is in what we don’t say. On the same recent sit downs with the media on Sunday September 20, 2009 the President said when referring to the CIA that “no one is above the law.” He did not say ‘except me’ but nearly nine months of blocking every single record from his previous public service, school records and the real long form birth certificate betrays him. Reports say that anywhere from $800,000 to a clean $1mil has been spent to keep anyone and everyone from seeing the records.


Lying is also part of what is evil and part of all that is wrong with the country today. The ninth commandment says we are not to bear false witness. Refusing to witness to the truth is also a form of lying and it is evil as sure as fabricating an obvious lie. This concealment started before the 2008 election and is being attended to at this very moment.


This is not part of the “24 news cycle” in fact this is the dog that is running behind the President and nipping at his heels. Sooner or later that dog is bound to catch him off guard and in the fall the contents of his pockets will come tumbling out for the whole world to see.


I am not going to publish an article that indiscriminately labels the President as evil but if the Bible is allowed to answer the question he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. I will endeavor another approach to the question that may work even for those who are not too well versed in the scriptures.


If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.


Is this rudeness? Not by a mile, but it is a call to the nation whose symbol is the mighty eagle to remember her past, the course it has taken, and the heights to which it has attained. We have reached the heights of the eagles. Once, our fledglings were proud to wander among the clouds and the peaks. Are they now brought down to the puddles and banks of an unfamiliar and muddy river whose course leads to obscurity and shame in the world?


Our founding fathers gave us their best and they prepared us for the heights and weaned us with the flesh that sustains the mighty eagle, they did not prepare us to waddle along the shore as ducklings that would not ever rise to soar among the stars.


What nonsense, what neo-ideology, what figure of angels or men has bewitched the national psyche or the heart of the nation that it would belay its heritage as if submitting to the clipping of its own wings?


America has soared and God has shown his love to this nation and supplied the wind for lift and the eye to purvey the whole world and try to do what is right among all the nations. Are we ashamed of this now, does the eagle want to attend the great licentious party so badly that she will cast off her dignity and waddle as a duck .


And finally, what reminder should we use from the trusted book America has resorted to, that book that indeed taught us how to fly in realms of power and freedom other nations have never seen but of late has been demeaned by our elected leader.


Make no mistake, this verse is as surely selected by God as the promise that the Holy Spirit would remind his people of all he ever said in a time when it was necessary to use it. (Jn 14:26)


"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people."

(Proverbs 14:34)


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