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Links and Friends


Prophecy 2016 – Politics is Not the Answer Michael Bresciani, January 14, 2016


Supreme Court will Save or Push the U.S. to the Brink by Michael Bresciani, January 18, 2015


It Wasn’t God’s Voice I Heard – It Was Yours by Rev Michael Bresciani, October 4, 2012


Lawless Government – The Great Non-Sequitur of the Last Days by Rev Michael Bresciani, December 10, 2010


time runs out


The Vision that Started a Lifetime of Prophetic Ministry by Rev Michael Bresciani, posted September 16, 2011


Serious Questions and Answers on the Coming of Antichrist Rev Michael Bresciani, June 30, 2012




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The Test - Who you would choose for the Next President? by Bradlee Dean, May 25, 2016


No, Hitler was not a Christian by J. Matt Barber, May 23, 2016


Drafting Women: Do We Believe in Equality or Don’t We? by Selwyn Duke, May 23, 2016


A Time for the President and the Liberals to Hang Their Heads in Shame Michael Bresciani, May 22, 2016


Home Depot Employee Is Not Great In U.S. History by Jeff Crouere, May 22, 2016


The Lost Art of Bible Meditation by Jerry Newcombe, May 20, 2016


Obama - Present Day Emperor Norton by Rev. Austin Miles, May 20, 2016


Target Boycott: Keep it Going into Bankruptcy! by Don Boys, May 20, 2016


DOG TAILS: Inspiration, en-courage-ment, and en-"thus"-iasm by Curtis Dahlgren, May 19, 2016


Mr. Trump, Why are You Hiding Your Tax Returns? Michael Bresciani, May 16, 2016


Obama’s Coed Bathroom Madness by J. Matt Barber, May 16, 2016


Target’s CEO is off America’s Radar by Bradlee Dean, May 14, 2016


Meet the New Media, Same as the Old Media by Jeff Crouere, May 14, 2016


Mr. Trump: The Glory that was Rome is of Another Day Michael Bresciani, May 10, 2016


The Blessings of “Christian Hegemony” by Jerry Newcombe, May 13, 2016


The Key to Repentance by John Miltenberger, May 13, 2016


Voyeur Just Found in Women’s Room in Target by Rev. Austin Miles, May 13, 2016


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‘Hating Jesus,’ Matt Barber’s Explosive New Book, Exposes How Liberals Are Trying to Wipe Out Christianity

The Truth About "Transgender" Bathrooms

The Science Catechism

Democrats Yell “Shame!” on the Floor of the House After This Religious Liberty Bill Was Passed

Franklin Graham Has This Brutal Message To Barack Obama Regarding His Transgender Bathroom Policies

This university president “tells it like it is” about Donald Trump

For Trump, Words Don’t Matter


4 little words from Donald Trump that may seriously change way people view his presidential run

DISGUSTING: Supreme Leader of Iran Says Sexual Contact With Nine-Year-Old Girls and Babies Is OK

Christians Angry US Gov't Too Busy Looking for Water on Mars to Save Them From ISIS, Iraqi Priest Says

Why ‘Transgenders’ Should Not Be Allowed to Choose a Public Bathroom by their ‘Gender Identity’

Homosexual Agenda Not Synonymous With Civil Rights For Blacks

Why Transgender Is Not the New Black

MUST WATCH: Iraqi Christian Bishop Says “We Have the Honor” of Being Killed for Christ

Romney to Trump: Not releasing tax returns is 'disqualifying'


One Day After Cruz Drops Out, Trump Announces TWO MAJOR Flip-Flops

Mark Levin Unloads on FOX News: “They Will Be ‘Rubbing Their Own Faces in Their Own Feces”

Obama “aggressively engaged” in promoting sexual abuse of children

'1 more nail in coffin of global-warming deception'

Man Pretending to be “Transgendered” Attacks Multiple Victims in Women’s Facilities!

Official who penalized 'Sweetcakes' accused of violating Constitution

Short: Trump’s cynical assault on Colorado national delegates

US, Russia team up to force Israeli pullback from the Golan Heights

America Is Starting To Look Like Rome Before It Collapsed

Trump releases his inner liberal following NY primary win

IT’S BEGUN: Man Goes Into Women’s Bathroom And Commits Horrific Act To 10-Year-Old Girl…

Shame on the LGBT - Not North Carolina

A Sexual Predator’s Dream: Target’s Policy of Allowing Anyone to Access Women’s Bathrooms

Yad Ezra V'Shulamit A Message From Benjamin Netanyahu


Other Recent Articles

I am Barack Obama by Selwyn Duke, May 12, 2016

Obama: Black Pride is Good; Boys: White Pride is Also Good! by Don Boys, May 12, 2016

A Christian Letter to Nominee Trump by J. Matt Barber, May 9, 2016

Lord Lead Us by Greg Holt, May 9, 2016

London Elects Muslim Mayor: Churchill Comes Out of His Grave! by Don Boys, May 7, 2016

When are Americans Going to Learn the Lesson? by Bradlee Dean, May 7, 2016

Before the ACLU Comes Knocking by Jerry Newcombe, May 7, 2016

Jesus the ’Intolerant Bigot’ by J. Matt Barber, May 2, 2016

Boxing Barbara Boxer: Is “Inequality the Root of All Evil”?  by Selwyn Duke, May 2, 2016

America: Why are we Shunning our Messengers and Blocking our Ears? Michael Bresciani, April 28, 2016

Will California Declare War on Baseball Next? by Jeff Crouere, April 30, 2016

Is Christianity to Blame for Everything Bad? by Jerry Newcombe, April 29, 2016

Prayer: The Work of the Kingdom by John Miltenberger, April 28, 2016

Why Atheists are ‘Fools’ by J. Matt Barber, April 25, 2016

Transgender Installed as D.C. Church Pastor! by Rev. Austin Miles, April 25, 2016

The War on the Cross by Jerry Newcombe, April 22, 2016

Holy Rejection by John Miltenberger, April 21, 2016

Bruce Springsteen Cancels Concert in Support of Transgender Activists He Calls ‘Freedom Fighters’ by Greg Holt, April 21, 2016

The Homosexual Manifesto is Just Satire! Silly Americans! By Bradlee Dean, April 22, 2016

Donald Trump’s Actual Net Worth is slightly over $160.00 Michael Bresciani, April 19, 2016

I Will Raise Your Baby, Queline – Let Her Live by J. Matt Barber, April 18, 2016

Sex-Change Surgery Halted at Johns Hopkins Hospital! by Rev. Austin Miles, April 18, 2016

Jackson Loses the Battle of Political Correctness by Jeff Crouere, April 23, 2016

The High Price of Freedom by Jerry Newcombe, April 14, 2016

Unborn Babies Have no Constitutional Rights: How Long Before Your Rights Are Gone? by Greg Holt, April 12, 2016

Venereal Disease is Nothing to Clap About by J. Matt Barber, April 11, 2016