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Media and journalism articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American

Harvard Professors and TV Producers - Do they really Know Much About the Second Coming of Christ? May 31, 2006

Sarah Palin: The Media’s Un-acknowledged Shame July 2009

Newsmen Do Not Decide What is Good and Evil - A Question of Ducks or Eagles Sept 2009


Obama Cozies Up to MSM - Cowers at Fox Sept 2009


Foxophobia, Triskaidekaphobia - Fickle Phantasms from the White House? Oct 2009


Beck's 'Dumbest Thing' argument is philosophically flawed Jan 5, 2010


Words: Can America ignore these flags of moral decline? Mar 1, 2010


America and the Doctrine of the Last Chance July 22, 2010


O'Reilly and Gibbs underestimate the power of the internet Dec 6, 2010


Super Bowl 45 Interview and the Prayer Breakfast - Political Magic? Feb 10, 2010


Tolerance and Diversity - What are we Supposed to Tolerate? June 3, 2011

America Crosses the Bebelos – The Rush to Boot Rush March 15, 2012

Internet or the Heart – Which is the Land of Shadows? January 22, 2013


Huff-Po Slams Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt – The Bible says He’s Right on Target August 10, 2013

Obama’s Key to Success – Suppress the Truth through Silence June 28, 2014

Trump’s Ban and Academia’s World Class Hypocrisy February 13, 2017

GQ says Skip the Bible – The Bible says GQ is Fleeting Vanity April 26, 2018


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