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Pop-culture and trends articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American

Yo, is Rap Just another Four Letter Word? Oct 2005


Youth Heroes – A Double Standard Oct 2005

Atheists Agnostics and Evolutionists - The Worst Gamblers in the World Mar 3, 2006

America Calls for the Head of John the Baptist Dec 2006


Poll says American Youth Waning on Christianity - Secularism Edges Forward Jan 29, 2007

The Three Most Sacred Words in America - Not I Love You Feb 3, 2007

Blaring Double Standards in the Cultural Diversity Movement Mar 2007


Victims of Political Correctness Mar 2007

European Anti American Rage - Why Now June 29, 2007

Do Pop Culture and Trends influence an Election? Feb 2008

The Visual Generation - The Death of Discernment July 2008

America: The Old Cowboy that Rides Off into the Sunset Nov 2008

The Culture of Death - A phrase, a phase or the End of Days? Aug 2009


The PC Wars of 2010 and Beyond - Spiritual wickedness in high places Mar 16, 2010


You Can't Make History without a Real Homie, or a Woman July 31, 2010


Whatever Happened to Domestic Tranquility? Feb 26, 2011


America’s Version of the Ouroboros – Deliver Us from Stupidity June 10, 2011


N.Y. State Assaults Marriage – Will Disgrace overtake us? June 27, 2011

President Wilson Could Never Imagine: Democracy Made Safe for Perversion July 21, 2011

Born Gay? – Another Whopper from the Father of Lies July 25, 2011

Tolerance and Diversity: America’s Experiment with Dishonesty Aug 2, 2011

Hey Kids - Let’s Meet on Wall St. for Weeks Long Whining Fest Oct 8, 2011

America Unplugged – The New Lord’s Prayer April 18, 2012

Obama fooling on Fallon while failing America April 26, 2012

Culture War - Or Spiritual Wickedness in High Places? August 31, 2012

American Youth Caught by the Tail? May 2, 2013

Obama: Abortion Foes Want the 50s - Conservatives: Give us a 50s President Too May 4, 2013

The Great Unwashed Generation June 8, 2013

Political Correctness - The Sword of Hypocrites July 24, 2013

Want to be politically correct, how about – ‘The Washington Snakeskins?’ October 26, 2013

Millennials - Standing Off but Not Standing Up May 5, 2014

Big Gay Re-Education Camps? – Are We Becoming Judges of Evil Thoughts May 14, 2014

Statistics, the Fast Track to Hell? – Are You Following the Crowd? May 21, 2014

Is It Really Hate Speech – Or Just Speech That You Hate November 6, 2014

We think it’s a Trend – In reality it is called Reprobation March 12, 2015

Pop Culture or Prophecy? – There is no Contest March 19, 2015

Why “Love” Does Not Justify “Gay Marriage” April 23, 2015

Why are Intellectual Giants so often Spiritual Pygmies – The Enemy that’s Closer than a Brother? May 19, 2015

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