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Prophecy 2019 – Denying the Emergence of NWO even while it develops in our Faces Michael Bresciani, January 4, 2019


Ahab Blamed the Prophet, Nero Blamed the Christians – America Blames Both! Michael Bresciani, April 4, 2019


In New York, Pink is the New Color of Death – More Disgrace in a Shameless Nation Michael Bresciani January 28, 2019


Planned Parenthood vs. Gun Violence – Hypocrisy Greater Than the World Itself Michael Bresciani, March 17, 2018


It Wasn’t God’s Voice I Heard – It Was Yours by Rev Michael Bresciani, October 4, 2012


Riots, Fires, Looting in America? - Yes, says Contemporary New York based Prophet by Rev Michael Bresciani, March 10, 2009


Why are America and the Entire World Beckoning the Beast? Michael Bresciani, November 23, 2017


The Vision that Started a Lifetime of Prophetic Ministry Michael Bresciani, posted September 16, 2011


Serious Questions and Answers on the Coming of Antichrist Rev Michael Bresciani, June 30, 2012


Lawless Government – The Great Non-Sequitur of the Last Days by Rev Michael Bresciani, December 10, 2010


PC Pabulum Report: Diversity, inclusion, lack of phobias and the law itself cannot make us like each other Michael Bresciani, May 3, 2019


LGBT Ignores, Denies and Attacks Biblical Truth While Claiming They are Being Assaulted Michael Bresciani, May 15, 2019




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196,000 Illegals Just Released Into American Cities with All Inclusive Packages – Work Permits – Benefits on Their Way by Bradlee Dean, June 18, 2019


World’s Leading Gay Biblical Theologian Defends Pete Buttigieg! by Don Boys, June 17, 2019


Fake Polls Are Back Again by Jeff Crouere, June 17, 2019


Libraries Becoming Private Child-Corruption Centers by Linda Harvey, June 14, 2019


The Effort to Add God to the WW II Memorial by Jerry Newcombe, June 14, 2019


Inside the Supreme Court - Media Will Not Touch This! by Rev Austin Miles, June 14, 2019


From forbidden fruits to verboten topics: D-Day for religion? by Curtis Dahlgren, June 13, 2019


Gay Pride: Still a Blasphemous Act of Foolishness – Not Something You Want to Feature in a Parade Michael Bresciani, June 11, 2019


The President Attempting to De-Criminalize Sodomy – The Question that Needs to Be Asked, Why is Sodomy Illegal? by Bradlee Dean, June 8, 2019


The Democrats Aren’t Really Trashing Trump – They Are Trashing We the People and Stabbing Us in the Back While Smiling by Greg Holt, June 8, 2019


The Censorship Crusade Continues by Jeff Crouere, June 8, 2019


Hey, Hollywood, Pick On Someone Your Own Size by Jerry Newcombe, June 7, 2019


You’ve Already Lost the Immigration Battle if You Say This… by Selwyn Duke, June 7, 2019


Condom Races by 10 and 11 year olds to "Aroused" Statue in California Schools by Rev Austin Miles, June 7, 2019


Hollywood to Georgia: If You Won’t Kill Them - No Movies for You! Michael Bresciani, June 3, 2019


Newsweek Hit Piece Attacks and Slanders Me Because of My Question to Pete Buttigieg! by Don Boys, June 3, 2019


How to Detect a Business that is Serving Itself – A Business Soon to Be Out of Business by Bradlee Dean, June 3, 2019


Globalism Is Anti-Christian at Its Heart by Jeffrey Ludwig, June 3, 2019


Abortionists - Cruel and Brutal Defenders of Infanticide and the most Sadistic Racists on Earth Michael Bresciani, May 31, 2019


Is God In The Destructive Storms? by Rev Austin Miles, May 30, 2019


Do We Really want to Eliminate “So Help Me God” from our Oaths? Michael Bresciani, May 28, 2019


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We Must Reject LGBTQ Craziness Becoming America’s Accepted Norm

The Bible Keeps Happening All Around Us!

ET To Advance The Cause Of Global Warming?


The Progressive Socialists Anti-Science on Abortion

Covering Up Our Culture to 'Avoid Giving Offense'

Netflix goes all-in for pedophilia with new “Dancing Queen” series that glorifies the sexualization of children

Texas Town Becomes ‘Sanctuary City of the Unborn’ as Citizens Cheer

Kmart Bans Customers from Using Christian Wording at Photo Kiosk, But Islamic Stuff is OK

Boston 'Straight Pride Parade' Prompts Very Different Responses From Tomi Lahren, 'Captain America'

"Age Gap Love”: The Normalizing Of Pedophilia By Mainstream Media In New "Reality Show"

Devastating Spring & Looming Potential Food Crisis: Farmers Unable to Plant Face Tough Decisions

Journalist Calls On Congress To Investigate Evidence Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother & "Revoke Her Marriage-Fraud Immunity Card"

What tolerance for sexual deviance has reaped

The LGBT agenda has now completely destroyed women’s sports as biological male wins NCAA women’s track championship

Sweden's Self-Inflicted Mess

The Scared Girls of Uppsala; Children of ISIS Terrorists

Should MLK statues come down amid '40 sexual affairs'?

Justice Clarence Thomas Eviscerates Abortion as Nothing Short of Eugenics godfatherpolitics

The “Constitutional Right” to Dismember the Unborn

Ben Shapiro: “No, Abortion Isn’t A Constitutional Right”

Democrats’ passage of “Equality Act” is the first stage in their attempts to CRIMINALIZE Christianity and throw all practicing Christians in Prison

The FETUS-OBSESSED pro-abortion Industry Includes National Public Radio

North Carolina Middle School Brings in Transvestites and Drag Queens for Kid’s ‘Self-Esteem’

The Bloody Results of Political Correctness: Transgenderism Just Killed This Baby

White House Provides Tool To Report Violations Of Free Speech On Social Media Platforms

Study: 42 million Americans look to Bible for answers

Want More Proof Modern Generations Are Snowflakes? How About Grief Counselors For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale?

Miracles Happen! “Unplanned” Movie is Causing Abortion Workers to Leave Their Jobs

Pediatric Endocrinologist Blasts ‘Poor Science’ Behind Child Transgender Therapy

“Little Girl Voice” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling America to Fascism

Second US School System Caught Forcing Islam On Students

New SocialCross Website Offers Christians an Alternative to Facebook


Other Recent Articles

Don’t Let Climate Change Alarmism Ruin Your Future by Jerry Newcombe, May 30, 2019

James 3:15 - An American Pastor Prays to Progressivism’s Golden Calf by Linda Kimball, May 28, 2019

Serial Stalker Who’s Made Previous Violent Threats Against Women Threatens to ‘Kill as many girls as I see’: No Jail Time by Greg Holt, May 28, 2019

Is There Really A Difference Between Hamas Or Nazis Trying To Murder Jewish Children? by Daniel Greenfield, May 27, 2019

This Major West Coast City Is Being Overwhelmed By Rats, Drugs, Crime, Piles of Garbage & Hordes of Homeless People by Michael Snyder, May 25, 2019

A Forgotten Voice in the Alabama Abortion Debate by Jerry Newcombe, May 24, 2019

Meet Joe Biden, 'LGBTQ' Extremist by Linda Harvey, May 18, 2019

Pete, Since You Brought it Up, How “Gay” Are You? By Don Boys, May 21, 2019

The Muslim Invasion is Not Something that You are Able to Run From - The Lord is Going to Get Your Attention One Way or Another! by Bradlee Dean, May 25, 2019

Taming the Bench: MAGA Means Ending the Precedent of Judicial Precedent by Selwyn Duke, May 24, 2019

The Question that Americans Should Be Asking their Acting Representatives? Where Did You Get that Authority? by Bradlee Dean, May 21, 2019

On Oaths and God by Jerry Newcombe, May 21, 2019

Another Clown Joins the Circus by Jeff Crouere, May 20, 2019

AG Barr Appoints U.S. Attorney to Investigate ‘Russiagate’ and the Mice Run For Cover by Greg Holt, May 18, 2019

Massey-Harris 101: growing up country without helicopter parents by Curtis Dahlgren, May 16, 2019

Contrary to What You Have Been Promised, Your Country is Literally Being Handed Off to Foreigners by Bradlee Dean, May 15, 2019

Why Freedom Of Speech Should Apply To Google, Facebook & The Internet by Daniel Greenfield, May 14, 2019

Evolutionary Teachings Are Absurd, Asinine, and Amusing! By Don Boys, May 13, 2019

A Tale of Two Revolutions by Jerry Newcombe, May 11, 2019

Democrats Pursuing a Contempt Charge Over AG Barr’s Supposed Lack of Transparency – Except They CAN View 99.9% of the Mueller Report By Greg Holt, May 11, 2019

There are 400% More Hate Crimes Against Jews than Against Blacks by Dr. Tom Barrett, May 7, 2019

The Fight for Free Speech by Jeff Crouere, May 7, 2019

New California School Books Slam-Dump Trump! by Rev Austin Miles, May 7, 2019

South African President Tainted with Corruption Charges! By Don Boys, May 7, 2019

Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar “Warmly Welcomed” Into an American Public School! by Bradlee Dean, May 6, 2019

"Games Peoples Play" and why the English capitalized the word "I" by Curtis Dahlgren May 6, 2019

Author’s New Book Examines the Spiritual Darkness That is Destroying America and the Church By Greg Holt, April 30, 2019

Campus Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Be Offensive by Jerry Newcombe, May 3, 2019

An Evil So Great That America May Not Be Able To Ever Recover From It by Michael Snyder, April 29, 2019

Franklin Graham Says Dem’s Candidate is Sinning – Buttigieg Says He is a Victim of the Fickle Finger of Fate  Michael Bresciani, April 27, 2019

Presidential Candidate: I Cannot Help Myself, I Was Born This way! It’s Gods Fault - Blasphemy! By Bradlee Dean, April 29, 2019

On the Targeting of Churches and Christians by Jerry Newcombe, April 29, 2019

This is Spiritual Warfare - Dress Appropriately by Rob Pue, April 26, 2019

Churches Have Become The #1 Target for Hate Attacks - An Average of 105 Every Single Month by Michael Snyder, April 24, 2019

"Separation" of Church & State? - Or Castigation of Religion? By Curtis Dahlgren April 24, 2019

Politicians, Fearful and Ashamed of Truth, Rewrite History! By Don Boys, April 23, 2019

The Muslims are Colonizing Under Your Noses - Putting Muslim Representatives Into Position Only to Attack! By Bradlee Dean, April 23, 2019

Is the American Church Dying? By Jerry Newcombe, April 19, 2019

NY Times: Smugglers Use Kids to Shield Illegal Aliens by Daniel Greenfield, April 19, 2019

Mentally Ill Immigrant Throws Boy off Mall Balcony by Rev Austin Miles, April 18, 2018

No - Muslim Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell – We are not Ashamed of Christian Prayers! Michael Bresciani, March 27, 2019