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Blaring Double Standards in the Cultural Diversity Movement  by Rev Michael Bresciani, Mar 2007

Proponents of cultural diversity and tolerance are steadily leaving behind a trail of blaring inconsistencies and blatant double standards. Will the age of reason end with technology being the only thing society nearly mastered even while social experimentation lies weak and whimpering in the wings?


In Massachusetts a judge recently said that a parent’s authority concerning their children ends at the doors of the public school. This was the answer given to parents who were at arms over the teaching of the gay lifestyle to their children in the public school. They were told that they had the option to send their children to private schools or homeschool them if they could not abide the rule.


In Philadelphia a man witnessing about his faith in Christ received death threats and was told his adherence to the idea of marriage being between only one man and one woman is perverted. Using the "P" word when referring to homosexuals can raise the ire of any number of gay activists or groups not to mention that in some states may lead to a law suit. What happened to “whatever is good for the goose…?”


Muslim children are never forced to pledge allegiance to the flag, pray Christian prayers or attend Christian meetings. Children of American born Christian parents are now being forced to attend rallies that deny the teachings of their parents and their church. This is the old double standard with a whole new twist.


In San Diego parents are being fought by the school and the city officials because they do not want their children to take part in the gay pride parade. The parade promises to produce a spectacle of sexual debauchery for all the kids to see as it has consistently now for several years.


The treatment of parents and concerned citizens is equivalent to telling them they have no rights to uphold the original perception of the school as it was first presented. This presentation had to do with education, academic pursuits and character building. Cultural diversity being the new kid on the block seems to be re-writing the rules even as it seeks an umbrella of protection from the halls of American jurisprudence.


Turning a culture upside down in the name of tolerance is by any other name intolerance and a whopping double standard.


Just after the byline an article by Wendy Cloyd 2-16-2007 on the CitizenLink website starts with “Gay-activist group Soulforce is organizing protests of Christian colleges because of their codes that forbid sexual immorality.” Is there a fight to protect immorality in the U.S.?  


With former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former President Jimmy Carter now claiming that the Iraq war has taken away America’s ability to stand for what is moral and friendly, one can only wonder if either of them knows about Soulforce.


Even as the “Philadelphia Eleven” from the ministries of Repent America are being heavily penalized for their attempts to evangelize at abortion clinics and gay rallies Soulforce plans to double its efforts to evangelize for the gay life. Their efforts include two busses, each loaded with protestors bound for each coast of the U.S. to visit and protest at some 32 Christian colleges and Universities. Some schools are planning to meet with them and do what might be considered “counter evangelism.”


It remains to be seen if any of their band of gay life promoters will be arrested or charged with any civil rights violations. Although gays have not been targeted to any degree for name calling, death threats and creating fear they have certainly been doing the same for some time now. The double standard may start to get noticed as the more militant factions of the gay rights activists’ face off with various cultural and Christian groups in this country.


Besides the double standards that are practiced and espoused there is also a plethora of behavioral non sequiturs that the gay community seems unable to defend. A case in point comes from the “City That Care Forget.”


In New Orleans even some of residents of the French Quarter’s rousing party district have taken exception to the yearly celebrations of the gay community’s event called “Southern Decadence.” Some people seem to think that while gays are trying to present their lifestyle as normal and culturally acceptable that to associate it with decadence is obviously contradictory. The celebration has aspects that cannot be seen as anything other than decadent thus producing yet another double standard that is starting to get noticed.


Getting it all morally mixed up is not new in our civilization but sadly when things get this mangled up it usually spells the end of a culture or nation not its advancement.


"Ye have wearied the LORD with your words. Yet ye say, Wherein have we wearied him? When ye say, Every one that doeth evil is good in the sight of the LORD, and he delighteth in them; or, Where is the God of judgment?" (Malachi 2:17)

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