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The Real Inconvenient Truth - Has Already Taken Fifty Million Lives by Rev Michael Bresciani, Nov 19, 2007

The Real Inconvenient Truth

With an ocean of pro-choice Presidential candidates on the progressive side of the fence it seems reasonable to wonder why they are not labeled as digressive candidates. Wasting a human life should never be considered progress on any level.


Besides casting a vote against them here are some additional ideas that could help in the fight to keep America from sliding any faster into the list of former great nations of the world.


Some anti-abortionist advocates favor candidly showing actual abortion videos as a means of dissuading women who are considering an abortion. Films of an actual abortion are certain not to pop up at abortion clinics; so just where could they be shown? Here are some other alternatives.


We live in a world that thanks to people like the well intentioned Al Gore is now nearing the panic stage with fears of global warming. One article recently posted online said ignoring global warming should be "criminalized." The common term most often used for liberal progressives who are the staunchest supporters of the green movement is the "far left" which is curiously close to an older but equally familiar phrase, "far out."


How far out can a nation go? Shall we criminalize ignoring the panic associated with possible global warming before asking the fifty million aborted babies what they think about rising temps? Would they tell us that they think America is truly the land of opportunity where all are treated equally and justice flows like a river? Or would they charge us with subjecting them to the real "inconvenient truth" that their lives were counted for nothing even when the temperature was normal.


I care little who believes me or who chooses to be the scoffer. After a lifetime of study in the Bible, eschatology, history and human nature I can promise with absolute assurance that this world does not end because of rising temperatures. What is rising (as predicted) is the wholesale immorality of a reprobate generation that brings the judgment of God on their own heads. Follow Armageddon.


The green machine has gotten up to speed much faster than the highly spurious and suspect "theory of evolution." It took about forty years for secular educators to sell this pabulum to a generation who would be more than surprised if both the science of global warming and Darwinism were more carefully examined. Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.


The fact that fifty million human beings have suffered death at the hands of abortionists even while there is no proof of even one single death due to global warming is a total no brainer. No rocket science needed here, no math degree. What is needed is a whole lot less panic and a huge helping of honesty. It is a matter of the heart not the brain. The appeal to the heart can sway the hardest and even the most intelligent person even if the intelligence is of the more common pseudo-intelligent variety. Are acts that are de-humanizing, cruel, heartless and deadly given respectability because they are performed by those who are considered to be "intelligent?"


With the recent advances of forensic science a murderer can only frantically try to cover their tracks in vain. It leaves us wondering how a nation can cover the slaughter of fifty million babies either in real time or in the conscience. It would seem that if science is willing to supply the deception then Hollywood is willing to bring the distraction to the big party.


While science labels the faithful as morons it promises us that our ancient fathers and mothers were once monkeys in the murky mist. There is no culpability where there is no accountability, aren't we just doing what the rest of the animals on the planet are doing? Hollywood steps up to stroke the national libido and lull a nation into a collective obsessive compulsive disorder that would make Caligula and the ancient Romans blush.


Harsh, don't judge too quickly, at least wait until after the six o'clock news. If Hollywood hasn't sufficiently distracted you then wait for the film at eleven. Massacres, murders and mayhem are followed by sports and weather.


It is not hard to see how the murder of fifty million infants can be pretty much swept away from view in the national conscience of a nation. Yet, swept away they are not. Rather they are swept under the brightly woven carpet called laughter and distraction.


For those who haven't given in to it all, the living grows harder especially if they have lived long enough to see the world around them taking on the appearance of a cartoon episode in Mad Magazine. In the new world order Chicken Little wins a Nobel Prize for his part in the great distraction. Law makers are busy passing laws to protect perversion and Hollywood brings up the rear with a full compliment of fluff to make it all just so darn entertaining.


It isn't about who is playing the fiddle while Rome burns. It is about the fact that children burn too. Christ said that anyone who offended or harmed the children would be better off if he were anchored with a stone and thrown into the ocean. (Mark 9:42) There is absolutely no reason to believe that he wasn't also referring to the unborn in this pronouncement.


Some children were named while still in the womb by God or the angels but Christ had the distinction of being named before he was ever conceived. How far back does God go when he refers to the offense we so callously lay on children? I would say beware, it may go all the way from eternity to eternity.


I have a friend that is heralded for being the world's largest internet evangelist. He hosts a live TV program every morning and sends well written and powerful daily devotionals to over forty thousand people a day. He espouses the idea of using a film of an actual abortion to shock people into looking at what is really going on in the bloodied rooms of the clinics around the nation. I find it hard to disagree with him but I'm fairly sure that not everyone will respond to this favorably. The hard part would be finding a national media platform that would show the entire matter in its horrific detail from beginning to end. Put another "don't hold your breath" here.


Another possibility would be to show the child to the expectant mother and the father if possible. The new 3-D ultrasound technology adds a whole new dimension to this that has not been available until recently. New computer aging enhancement software could also be utilized to bring the knowledge of what is really going on in a woman's uterus to the light without being the least bit negative.


The new techniques can show parents what the baby will look like when it is born and even further ahead in time. The prospective parents can see the child they would have to wrap up and rock gently to sleep or feed. Its character and humanity would be harder to deny or resist.


I had the good fortune of hearing a story repeated by my wife about the 3-D ultrasound her niece had undergone. Later I asked questions to her niece myself. As she recounted the event to me, others in the room both men and women laughed, gasped and their faces lit up with smiles as she described every facet of the procedure.


The 4-D image is a thousand times more revealing than the older ultrasound results and she said it was like watching her tiny unborn laying in his crib and acting out his little personality quirks and tendencies.


Both parents watched in awe as the child slept with both hands over his head. He moved from time to time but was obviously sleeping so the parents not wanting to disturb him waited a full forty five minutes before gently poking mom's belly to disturb him. At several points he responded to the poking with a grimace and began to cry. He wasn't too keen about being woken up.


After he was fully awake he managed to move and twist until he finally was facing his parents. He seemed almost inquisitive but he must have been hungry. They said he was a big boy and a layer of fat could be seen folding over on his neck.


He reached down to grab his foot. With a deliberate yank he tried to pull his foot up into his mouth much like a baby pulls a bottle to his mouth, he missed his mouth and poked his eye with his own foot. He was startled and needless to say so was his parents who grimaced together at the result of his poor aim.


Undaunted he simply gave up on his foot and pulled his hand down to his mouth and began to suck his thumb. Both the leg pull and the thumb sucking were done with the right hand. Being right handed was to be his fate. Being watched and adored by his loving parents was also his fate and his good fortune in that magic moment in time.


His grandmother who was present during the sonogram exclaimed that he looked so clear and alive that she wished she could just reach in and take the child into her arms for a while and then lay him down gently in his bed.


If pregnant moms and their partners could see only this much wouldn't they be hard pressed to reconsider any notion of an abortion. I believe they would.


In preparation for his birth his parents chose a name then began to buy him clothing and furnishings for his own room. They arranged baby showers and answered countless questions of how he was progressing that his relatives and his parent's friends were asking almost daily. All this looking and preparing and anticipation were for a human baby not a fetus.


All of that preparation and enthusiasm juxtaposed against the cold preparation to bring his life to an end in a cold sterile abortion clinic is like the difference between life and death. No, it is the difference between life and death.


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