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Dignity and Obscenity Don’t Mix even in America by Rev Michael Bresciani September 6, 2011


Basically every school kid knows that oil and water do not mix. Should anyone have missed that rudimentary lesson in chemistry, they have only to recall the recent events that took place in the Gulf of Mexico, and a leaking BP oil rig that the best scientific and engineering minds of our time could not stop, for months. If you are a bit older, then you also can recall the great Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.


No one can argue with the fact that obscenities of every kind are pouring forth across America at an alarming pace. What is hard to understand is that from the President down there are people trying to add dignity to our obscenities which in the end is as futile as trying to mix oil and water.


A recent piece from Focus on the Family noted that the pro-abortionist have been emboldened by President Obama and his Attorney General to take more stringent actions against those who are pro choice and who choose to demonstrate or stand against the practice of abortion. It goes without saying that every aspect of the gay agenda has also been recharged by the moral position of the President, or as some would say; the lack of it.


When parents got together in New Jersey to have the reading material chucked out of the summer reading curriculum for their kids they were shocked. First they found a story of a 31 year old lesbian that rapes a 13 year old girl and then there is a story of a boy being used by an older gay man. When asked why the reading material was allowed the parents were told that it wasn’t about the gay agenda but it was about getting kids to read. OK, let’s not get too smart, but just how many books are in the school, public or regional libraries in New Jersey? Is there a shortage?


Now the same man, Dr. Richard Green, who helped to remove the label of “mental disorder” from the homosexual in 1973, is trying to mitigate and “de-stigmatize” pedophilia. Dr. Michael Brown has a list of eight objections now being considered and argued to lessen the degenerative nature of pederasty in our nation. The list is found in an article entitled “Why the surprise about push for 'pedophile rights,” indicates the depth to which we have sunk in trying to justify the worst of our behavior.


I could fill the rest of this article with examples of the new trend toward “anything goes” but anyone who is not living in a bubble is probably already painfully aware of what is happening here in our nation. I could also fill this piece with scriptural warnings and prophetic declarations that have well predicted the rise in immorality both here and abroad as the last days approach.


Not everything that can be known about prophecy is found in the words of the prophets but a great deal of it is found by comparing the historical record of nations and world powers to the declarations of the prophets. It has been noted that only the last 100 years of our history is being taught in our public schools; this may account for the general dumbing down of American youth and our so called professionals about trends that have brought nations to their own demise.


One inescapable fact that emerges in the historical record is that almost every major power met its end shortly after it experienced a rise in homosexual activity and pederasty. Ancient Israel, Rome and a long list of others are now joined by a growing list of modern nations treading the same path.


From those of old who offered their children in the fire to the false deity Molech to today’s modern psychiatrists who are encouraging us to mitigate for the child abuser, the trend is a marker that indicates that a nation is about to meet with judgment and disaster.


Both Roe v. Wade which kicked off the great abortion scourge of modern times and the push to legitimize the gay agenda were begun in 1973. We are approaching the end of a forty year period where both of these social trends are peaking. Unfortunately in the Biblical sense of numbers forty is the “time of ample proof” for pretty much anything good or evil. God, we could say, has given us time to reconsider and stop the trend but he will not be mocked. To put it in the common vernacular, the jig is about up.


I cannot apologize for once again giving this most serious Biblical warning about disregarding the lives of our own offspring. It is a comprehensive warning that includes everything from the un-born, prepubescent, adolescents’ and minors. It is amazing that the warning has to be given at all, but these are amazing times.


“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Mt 18: 6)

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