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Is Voting for Hillary - A vote to kill five million perfectly healthy babies? October 27, 2016

Hillary: Ripping the Nation Apart Under the Banner of ‘Togetherness’ October 28, 2016

No Mystery: Hillary is the Shadowy Past – Trump is Hope for the Future October 31, 2016

Republicans: This is Not Sunday School – Stand up for Your Country November 2, 2016

Presidential Choices 101 – Lies, corruption and scandals do not a president make! November 3, 2016

Hillary’s Attack Ads – Open to Serious Scrutiny November 5, 2016

Mid Term Elections, Kavanaugh and Apathetic Christians – A Do or Die Election? September 26, 2018

Pray Like Never Before and then Get Up and Vote October 8, 2018

Do Midterm results indicate that America is still in Decline? November 7, 2018

The Deep Hypocrisy of Pelosi, Schumer and the Left – Death Throes of a Nation January 21, 2019

Our National Crackpots Say there is No National Crisis! – Reprobation or Mental Illness? March 22, 2019

Pelosi and the Do-Nothing Dem’s Now Calling Hatred for our President - “Defending the Constitution” October 3, 2019

Michelle Obama: Can She Lie Just Because She is a Pop Figure? August 19, 2020

No Mr. Biden, You are Not an “Ally of the Light” August 21, 2020


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