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Will Passage Of Budget Bill Funding Planned Parenthood Bring Judgment? by Larry Tomczak, March 31, 2018

st-paul-planned-parenthood-protest.jpg“How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” (Rev. 6:10).

When a nation is founded upon a covenant with God, as America was, it can be incredibly blessed, as America has been. But if it is unfaithful, acts treacherously and believes that it’s own prowess and military strength is the primary reason for its prosperity, God historically deals decisively in disciplining that nation. “You keep going backward so I will stretch out my hand against you…” (Jer. 15:6).

For four decades I’ve promoted prayer for our presidents through the ministry of Intercessors for America. At present I’m deeply burdened that Donald Trump has erred gravely in his quest to “Make America Great Again” by majoring on military spending and neglecting The moral issue of our generation – ending abortion and eliminating taxpayer funding of its barbarism through Planned Parenthood.

What prompted this particular commentary was the recent passage by our President and Congress of the “immoral” $1.3 trillion spending bill. While military spending was increased, $500 million was slipped in for Planned Parenthood to continue dismembering 1/3 million unborn babies yearly to callously pile on the trash-heap of 60 million already aborted children (10 times those of Hitler’s Holocaust), since the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling of 1973.

There was also continued funding for Obamacare and lawless “sanctuary cities;” no real funding for the critically-needed, promised “Wall;” and, putting in place $2 trillion more in deficits over the next decade.

With Republicans controlling the White House and both Houses of Congress, this is unconscionable, disgusting and inexcusable. My personal belief is that God will soon discipline our nation financially with needed judgment to jolt us into a sober time of turning back to Him.

Ignoring the Inevitable

When I was a little boy, my parents would comfort me in the midst of a severe thunderstorm with these words, “Don’t be scared. The angels are just rearranging furniture in heaven.”

Of course they knew it was a fabrication but it bought them time and brought me temporary relief. When the next jarring thunderclap exploded, I tried to settle my fears with their words.

How many of us along with our political leaders and financial analysts are doing something similar today when most of us know deep down in our hearts serious financial trauma lays ahead?

Here’s the deal: Refusing to once and for all defund Planned Parenthood atop out-of-control spending and borrowing have become the cultural norm with our leaders who are inflicting an ever mushrooming debt burden on the unsuspecting next generation and we are going to reap horribly. Deuteronomy 21:1-9 reminds us that righteous blood cries out for vengeance.

Planned Parenthood rakes in obscene profits by slaughtering babies, selling body parts and mocking God regarding the sanctity of human life. Just this week they celebrated abortion by calling for Disney to feature a princess who’s had an abortion.

Defying God’s Laws Brings Consequences

Laws of God and laws of economics ignored and violated have consequences. Barron’s magazine states, “The fiscal state of the U.S. is in danger of hitting an iceberg.” Forbes alerts us, “One day this unsustainable path we’re on will reach its day of reckoning.”

The Scriptures tell us of a curse that comes upon those disregarding discipline and God’s directives: “You will become a thing of horror and an object of scorn and ridicule…” (Deut. 28:37). And Proverbs 13:18 says, “He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame.”

James Madison, our fourth President, and architect of the Constitution plus the Bill of Rights, warned us as a Founding Father, “I go on the principle that a public debt is a public curse and in a republican government it is a greater curse than any other.”

October 24, 1929, is remembered as Black Thursday when the Great Depression began with the crash of the stock market. Just one week before the 1929 crash, Professor Irving Fisher of Yale University announced, “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau!”  And then – sudden chaos came.

“While people are saying, ‘Peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape” (1 Thess. 5:3).

I’m not trying to ruin your day or make you think the sky is falling tomorrow, but I am trying to awaken people to imminent discipline coming our way. Unless we honestly address and submit ourselves to a total reset, the inevitable will happen. I’m referring to a fiscal crisis that many know in our hearts has been long overdue.

Tennessee’s retiring Senator Bob Corker spoke of the recent Omnibus Bill as “grotesque legislation… the American people do not care about this issue because we’re living fat and happy today and because the crises has not yet occurred. But down the road they are going to be very unhappy…”



Jesus told us in Luke 21 that certain things (“persecution…betrayal… great distress… fear…”) precede His Return. He concluded His prophetic signposts with these words, “Watch and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen” (v36).


Proclaiming the Gospel and biblical truth is the prescription to the coming crises. Those who are deceiving people; stealing from our children and grandchildren; irresponsibly borrowing and spending; providing entitlements to lawbreakers and freeloaders; exploiting the unsuspecting; and refusing to repent, can change but only by gospel transformation.

With the current spotlight on gun violence, let’s be realistic knowing more legislation and education helps, but changing people’s behavior comes only from inner heart transformation and only the gospel accomplishes this! Ignoring this simply puts Band-Aids on a cancerous tumor.


Our young people, especially those 18–31 years old, are the main victims of the economic collapse looming on the horizon. They are manipulated and easily seduced by the lies, coolness factor of politicians and the appeals to social justice, income inequality and grandiose utopian causes. We must help them understand the immoral, pernicious plans that are undermining their entire future.

Thomas Jefferson emphasized there must be an intergenerational bond where our children and grandchildren are provided for, not exploited. “We shall all consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle posterity with our debts, and morally bound to pay for them ourselves.”


Are you ready for future banking disruptions and any civil unrest? Imagine trying to withdraw your savings when masses are attempting the same. With a Market crash resulting in investments plummeting 60-70%, government setting restrictions and panic setting in, that’s not the time to hastily try to figure out a plan.

Far-fetched? Remember between October 2007 and March 2009, the US stock market dropped in price by 57%. When dominoes start falling and the IOU bubble bursts, will you be ready?

Now is the time to prayerfully and calmly review your finances and plans for a time of crisis. Diversify your financial portfolio and make sure you have sufficient funds for an emergency. Ecclesiastes 11:2 instructs us, “Give portions to seven, yes to eight, for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.”


“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences” (PRV. 22:3 NLT). Joseph was alerted to the coming calamity in the Old Testament and followed God’s leading in preparation, saving an entire nation!

Our Founding Father’s Closing Counsel

We need to heed the wisdom of our first President, George Washington: “Avoid… the accumulation of debt not only by shunning occasions of expense but by vigorous exertions to discharge the debts, not throwing upon posterity the burden which we ourselves ought to bear.”

Our Founding Fathers also enshrined in our Constitution that everyone has the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” That includes those with a beating heart in the womb. Are we listening and will we act before it’s too late?

President Trump, I urgently and respectfully appeal to you along with millions that you not merely pledge to not do this again, but act now however you can through your unique executive privilege to prevent even one cent from going to the abomination of abortion.

Larry Tomczak (Website)

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