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Jeffrey Ludwig has published numerous articles at a variety of conservative websites.  He is the author of two books:  Memoir of a Jewish American Christian and The Catastrophic Decline of America's Public High Schools.



TV Trash Sitcom Gets Positive Review from So-called Christian Reviewer October 11, 2016

Who Deserves The Nobel Prize? October 21, 2016

Why Is The USA Failing To Stop The Islamic Threat? November 11, 2016

PRC Birth Policies Attack Liberty December 29, 2016

Nietzsche and the New Ten Commandments January 9, 2017

The Dark Side of Life March 1, 2017

Prophetic Leadership Needed to Resist the Islamist Threat March 17, 2017

Are Demagogues Able To Bring Peace and Justice? June 6, 2017

Jesus Christ Wants Holy Political Leaders, Not Only Holy Citizens November 5, 2017

Normalcy within the Context of a Miracle December 12, 2017

Do Not Be Conformed To This World February 5, 2018

Morality Is Based On Eternal Values, Not Our Legal System or Mere Civility February 12, 2018

Judgment against Ancient Israel Has Its Parallel in Present-Day America March 16, 2018

America Is In Flight from the Living God April 21, 2018

The Voice of Almighty God Defines Reality May 7, 2018

Biblical Morality Is the Antidote to the Anarchy Swallowing Up the Social Order May 22, 2018

The Failed Model of Secular Humanism June 26, 2018

Knowing the Difference between True Liberty and Fake Liberty July 2, 2018

The Educational Process: A Vision for Christian Teachers August 14, 2018

God’s Judgment Is Universal and Eternal September 21, 2018

We Must Pray With Earnest Faith for His Second Coming December 30, 2018

The Wall Is the Centerpiece for Asserting American Sovereignty January 12, 2019

Centuries Old Themes of Catholics vs. Protestants in Play At Our Border January 26, 2019

A Disgusting Practice: Female Genital Mutilation March 14, 2019

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