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The Origins of Spurious – The Un-Intelligent Design of Darwinism  by Rev Michael Bresciani, July 2006

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The evolutionary model is enjoying the limelight only because it has gained a momentum that is hard to put the brakes on. Anyone who dares to think for themselves may not only put the brakes on but may indeed want to just abandon the vehicle altogether. Here’s why


The basis for this article is connected to a well known Bible verse from 2 Thessalonians 2:11. It is important to keep this reference in context with the surrounding verses. The entire chapter is the best context here as it seems to be centered on this one single idea, namely that Christ will not return until the Anti-Christ appears and finishes his brief but horrific rule.


Jesus said that the truth would make us free, John 8:32. Conversely, it can be said that lies will bring us into bondage, the very opposite of freedom. As Satan goes out with great fury in these last days to deceive and destroy he is carrying with him many entanglements and heavy bondage for unsuspecting believers as well as unbelievers. Staying free, unfettered and useful to the kingdom of God will not be quite as easy as we approach the second coming.


Satan has a huge arsenal of lies he will lay on this generation but we will peruse only two of them here. These two deceptions are the most powerful lies Satan has ever gotten any generation to accept wholesale. Once you understand his purpose for putting forth these two whoppers you will better understand how he has deceived not a few but an entire generation. In fact the anti-Christ wouldn’t dare to show up until both of these lies are universally accepted. Most scripturally grounded believers already know of these deceptions but the numbers of deceived are growing daily. Even worse is the fact that very few believers know how to answer or uncover these falsehoods for themselves or others.


Even a child knows that the primary purpose of a lie is to deceive or cover something. A mature adult knows that lies have several more complex purposes. Satan who the bible calls the father of lies, John 8:44, knows far more advanced purposes for lies. His purpose is not just to cover the truth or misguide someone for a while. His purpose involves the deception of the whole earth and in the last days the deception of an entire generation. That purpose is ultimately the destruction of God’s chief creation, man. He can deceive one man at a time but in the last days he is in a hurry because his time is short Revelation 12:12. In the last days he can’t take down only one or two men at a time, he must seek to bring down a whole generation.


Anyone who has ever thought to murder someone has had to consider how to remove the evidence from their plan in order to cover their path. Even if they plan to kill and make it look like suicide there is much evidence to be removed. In the less sophisticated type of murder the perpetrator must at the very least remove himself very far away from the crime by running away. What if they could convince someone to do something very life threatening without arousing any suspicion at all in the mind of their victim? What if they only had to suggest that their victim do something they had done a thousand times before, something that no one would think of as unusual? Here is an example.


A man who wants his neighbor dead realizes that the bridge over a very deep ravine leading to his neighbor’s house has been washed out by a furious storm now raging. Knowing his neighbor stops off at the same news stand every day to pick up a paper and then rushes home down the same dark country road every night, he sees his chance. Casually he waits at the store perusing through the shelves as if looking for something in particular. When the neighbor comes in he engages him in conversation about the severe storm at hand and the best of several available routes by which to travel home. He assures his neighbor that the regularly traveled road over the bridge is fine and that he just came that way himself.


With this information in mind and nothing to arouse his suspicions, the victim barrels ahead with confidence only to plunge to his death in the ravine. The malicious neighbor who caused this death need not remove any evidence or himself from the crime. Nothing unusual has taken place and clearly nature will not be indicted in this case. He clearly allowed his neighbor to kill himself in the pursuit of his everyday activity. One could almost say his death was caused by his own mindless habits. He always did it that way! Simply put we are all in a storm and as the last days arrive that storm is raging and Satan knows the bridge is out. Suggesting that you take the path that you and all your neighbors always take is a device. But devising ways to destroy us by keeping us on the road most commonly traveled is only the method of his deception, the purpose for his deception is the most sinister of all, it is your destruction


Regardless of any questions we encounter in life there are always two that are more universally asked than all others. Where did we come from and where are we going? These questions are not just the sign of a healthy curiosity but rather they are a deep desire placed in all men by the creator. The desire to ask these pertinent questions is given to us by God himself. To ask these questions honestly is true seeking and will often be our first steps to recognition of God.


Satan does not want any man or women to seriously ask either of these questions. He will do anything to keep them from being asked and has made provision to supplant the real answer with a lie if he can’t circumvent our asking. The reason he has gone to such great lengths to quiet these quests is because if we accept the correct answer we will ultimately become accountable to God. If we believe we came from God and that he is the creator and also that one day we will stand before his judgment we then must become accountable to God. Perhaps a verse from a country music favorite, The Baptism of Jesse Taylor says it more succinctly. They baptized Jesse Taylor in Cedar Creek last Sunday, Jesus gained a soul but Satan lost a good right arm.


In the last days Satan provides side roads for people to take in their beliefs. Diversity itself is touted as the great attraction even if the answer is incorrect. Open minded or broad minded people are often found on the broad road of destruction Jesus warned about. They don’t just travel the broad road but have made it a matter of pride. The modern psyche frowns on narrow mindedness which is seen as a lack of intelligence, independence and suave. Within this framework Satan provides an endless melee of options for answering the two big questions.


Perhaps it might be an ancient religion, a philosophy, science or just good old personal reasoning. But even this extensive list is not enough to usher in the rule of the anti-Christ. In the last days Satan provides a more pervasive and universally acceptable answer. Christ said a house divided against itself cannot stand Mt 12:25. Satan needs unity among the unbelievers in the last days to ensure his seat of authority. Thus he provides them with two large answers to answer the two largest questions of life. Universal acceptance of these answers is essential to rally everyone to his final purpose.


What are Satan’s answers to these two great questions? In answer to the questions of our origin he has provided this generation with the evolutionary model formerly more commonly referred to as the theory of evolution.


To the question of where we are going collectively or individually he has provided an answer that is now almost totally accepted the world over. From the school child to the aged it is generally accepted that we are eventually going out among the stars to carry our civilization into inter stellar space.


Neither of these answers seems too hard to take and they look generally believable. It would seem that even if they are not true that the damage done would be little. The truth is that to believe these lies strikes at the very heart of the welfare of the entire human race. In the simplest of words if we didn’t come from God and are not going to God then we don’t have to answer to God. All accountability is now a washed out bridge.


In Shrewsbury, England February 12, 1809 Charles Robert Darwin was born the fifth child in his family. He was destined to become the most noted among his siblings. Darwin was a naturalist and traveled aboard the HMS Beagle between 1831 and 1836. As a scientist he made careful observations of plant and animal life in the Pacific Ocean. When in the Galapagos Islands he noticed certain similarities between the flora and fauna there and those of South America.


After returning to England he reviewed his notes and came to a conclusion that would change the shape of the modern world. It was believed then and still is by some today that since his own notes were all he had to review and because speculations about what took place over millions of years of time is not true empiricism, that Darwin didn’t just come to these conclusions but rather he jumped to a conclusion. True science or the empirical method of deduction is limited by its own definition to conducting, observing and recording repeatable observable phenomena.


Darwin’s conclusions were not repeatable since time has passed, and not observable because neither he nor anyone else living has seen it, thus everything he put forth passed into an entirely different realm.  His conclusions were now in the realm of prior philosophic postulation. He and the world were satisfied at the time to overlook this small problem by referring to his conclusions as a theory.


When a theory has had ample time to be repeated and observed under the empirical or scientific method it is then called a law. In the case of Darwin’s theory just a general acceptance of it by the public seems to have substituted for empirical truth and it is now accepted the world over as a law. No one seemed to notice that mindlessly accepting a prior philosophic postulate is the equivalent of accepting something by faith. Believing in Darwin’s theory takes faith just as much as it does to believe that God created everything. At least in the gospel message there were twelve witnesses who could give an accounting, which is twelve more than witnessed the origin of species.


In his famous book The Origin of Species Darwin put forth that all living things originated from a single fundamental source and evolved in a process he called natural selection. He believed that this natural selection occurred randomly over millions of years in order for each subsequent species to adapt thus insuring its own survival. When his theory was first put forth it was vigorously welcomed by the people in academia and the secular world, many who were at that time prideful and bent on being the people of the new enlightened age.


There wasn’t much to refute his theory at the time but that is no longer true. Since his death in 1882 Darwin’s remains lie in the Westminster Abbey in England but the effect of his ideas still has a life of its own.. But new evidence is also alive and is available to anyone who wants to see it. There are many creation science institutions, publications and practicing scientists the world over who can offer argument and proof against the theory of evolution. Because creation science was not known in Darwin’s time and his theory was carried on the wings of its own popularity those who contested it at that time were made to look like a pack of Bible thumping fools. It was easy then to deride and demean the detractors of his theory as bible thumping and narrow minded people who refused to get onboard the lighting fast train of enlightenment.


It was during this time of first confrontations the famous Monkey Trial took place in the summer of 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee. William Jennings Bryan a three time candidate for president represented the crusade to banish Darwin’s theory. The staunch agnostic Clarence Darrow was the head of the famous defense team. The jury had to decide if they would hold John Scopes accountable for teaching Darwin’s theory in his high school biology class. Since the outcome is well known we won’t spend a great deal of attention to it here. Perhaps what should be noticed is the abundant attention paid to it by uncounted high school and college professors. They both teach it and enjoy the snickers and rolling eyes of students who think the bible believers were made to look more like monkeys than those they were now calling primates.


The result of that trial looked like a serious blow to the veracity of the biblical accounting of the creation. If the serious Darwinist were to look at the discoveries in creation science since 1925 they would be made to concur about one thing, there have been no significant blows since then. If it were not for the momentum this theory has gained, it would have no life at all. But who is stopping to look at the new evidence? Some believers have even gotten caught up in the snowball. Those Christians have allowed for the idea that maybe God himself may have used evolution to produce all the living creatures and us. This compromise is referred to as theistic evolution.


Without debating the consequences of calling God a liar it is even harder to imagine the level of stupidity in believing in a God who is a liar. Having faith in a lying God is incongruous; most of us lose faith in each other if one is known to be a liar. In some cases, especially among the intellectual set, Theistic evolution is tolerated because it tends to ease peer pressure. Who wants to be the odd man out? If most of academia is riding on the evolutionary model then why make waves. You won’t get beheaded for believing in the bible but a little ridicule goes a long way. On second thought, as long as it is only unpopular to believe in the bible you won’t get beheaded. But in the future when it is illegal to believe in the bible heads will fly, literally, see Revelation 20:4.


Anyone who seriously wants to check what they have heard or what they have been taught could start with only a cursory examination of evolutions antithesis. Clicking the words creation science on any decent search engine will give you enough information to keep you busy for weeks.


Volumes can be written on the errors and fallacies of the theory of evolution but few are addressing the product or fruit of this well entrenched fairy tale. What, is only part of the question, why is the rest of the story. Only man in his prideful self-will would dare to give God his walking papers. Satan knows that and has provided the manifest and the vehicle to do so in the name of science and enlightened progress. The desired effect is evident throughout the world. If men were truly compelled to be accountable to some kind of a creator, science would give them a single cell amoeba to pay homage to while Satan laughs all the way to the pits. Satan is a thief but there is nothing in this world for him to steal except the souls and futures of men. Everything else is already his. Luke 4:5, 6


By removing any reason to answer to God Satan can work unhindered preparing the world to receive the last world dictator known as the antichrist. The same pride men raise to resist God would resist the antichrist as well if their minds were not carefully prepared to allow him to rule. That this deception will take place is part of prophecy but few know that the bible also prophecies that there must be an extensive and careful preparation to make his deception work in a worldwide fashion. Revelation 16:13, 14


Although a bit over stated it would seem that the old cry to question everything and all authority has given way to believe what you’re told and get back to livin and making bucks. Just as in those, exceptions that make the rule, questioning things doesn’t establish or disprove anything. Only an unbiased examination of all the evidence can lead to a legitimate answer. Aren’t a couple of sound answers still worth more than a thousand questions? Now there’s a question.

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