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News and society articles by Rev Michael Bresciani - American

Americas Problems Foreign and Domestic – The Combined Speeds Factor Oct 2006

America - United We Stand Divided We Are Nov 13, 2006

Political Correctness – The Liberal Brand of Censorship Dec 2006

Global Warming and People of Faith May 2007

Tyranny Terror and Moral Relativism - America's Shifting Battlefronts July 2007

American Morality - A Study in the Lesser of Two Evils Aug 2007

What Ever Happened to Dignity: The Itching of America May 2009

America: In the Beginning of Sorrows May 2009

Obama Concealment of Birth Certificate: Tainting His Presidency? July 2009

The Race Card - The Hidden Ace of the Cheater? July 2009

Angry Prez Gives Cambridge Cops the Old One-Two-Three July 2009

Jihadists at the Hilton: Are Man Made Disasters Next? July 2009

Semantics and Race not Part of Birthers Plight Aug 2009

Rumors of a Civilized World – The Taunting Osama Sept 2009


Politically Correct Catchwords We Hide Behind Feb 20, 2010

Tolerance and diversity: The Brain Eaters Mar 16, 2010


The high cost of free speech - When honesty is outlawed May 29, 2010


Using the First Amendment to Create a Shameless Nation Mar 7, 2011

Families of 9/11 Victims Knocking on America’s Door August 31, 2011

People, President, Prophet, Pope - VS - Anarchy, Unrest and Tons of Dope Oct 27, 2011

Aurora: A Fractured Society makes a Fraternity of Fools not a Nation July 22, 2012

New York, Cairo and Libya - From Nonsense to Madness September 18, 2012

Mr. O’Reilly, Wise Up – ‘Bible Thumper’ is a derogatory term April 3, 2013

America: 40 years Preparing to Live without God - How’s that Going? April 7, 2013

Political Correctness in America – The Streamlining of Evil April 12, 2013

The American Prophet ‘Most and Least’ Awards for 2014-15 February 7, 2015

PC Devotees: Moral Issues are not the same as Social Issues March 12, 2017

How Roe Reveals the Hypocrisy of Sanctuary Cities March 31, 2017

Stop Calling Our God Given Faith and Morality - Loveless and Biased April 3, 2017

Modern Man – In a Word October 21, 2017

Do We Really want to Eliminate “So Help Me God” from our Oaths? May 28, 2019

Buttigieg in Iowa – A Victory or A Sign of Decline? February 8, 2020

Bernie the Bolshevik and AOC the Bartender - Because Even Snowflakes Need Heroes February 29,2020


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