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Confirm This: Our Supreme Court does not make the Supreme Law Michael Bresciani, March 22, 2017

Confirm-this.pngWatching hours of the Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings has been an inspiration. Gorsuch has an impeccable record of wise decisions and a sage and deep sense of balance about constitutional law – we could find no one better for our Supreme Court.


It is the times we live in that make it difficult to believe that even after he is confirmed that much will significantly change in American jurisprudence.


If abortion continues under protection of Roe, and faux-marriage continues under Obergefell then this nation will be in direct conflict with God. His laws and the prophets are witness against us and after an unknown period of time - God will intervene.


When our nation decides that laws like Roe and Obergefell need affirmation and acknowledgement to be referred to as “the law of the land” – we have dipped to new lows in the darkened state we call reprobation. The lawful pursuit of perversion and murder of the innocents is not law - it is blasphemy.


When our own laws take us to such lows we are barreling forward to a direct conflict with the prophetic message. We will not succeed against it.


We can speculate, guess and make light of what may be ahead, but prophecy, Biblical prophecy, is a precise outline of exactly what will happen. It is pre-written history. It is not the clueless meanderings or the veiled visons of Nostradamus or the spotty ideas of AHCtv’s “How the World Ends.” We can build alien invasion prevention hats, make light of those who have already predicted false dates and speak of nuclear holocaust, but we are not even close.


Biblical prophecy makes it clear that God does not intend to let man destroy himself or our planet. While it may be that we come awfully close – it will not happen that way. (Mt 24: 22)


The purveyors of liberalism and the prophets of science can do little to prepare us for the result of the great apostasy or falling away of the church and the nations. Technology cannot move upward faster than our morality is sinking and God doesn’t care if we know something or everything about our universe – he wants us to know him. This is not the generation that is up for that relationship. (Lu 18: 8)


People ask me all the time if I am a special prophet for America. I am only one of many. In fact, the bottom line is that anyone who names the name of Jesus Christ and keeps his gospel in the forefront of all they do and say is to be seen as a prophet or prophetess. (Rev 19: 10) They are authorized to declare any and all of the hundreds of precise prophecies found in the Bible concerning the second coming of Christ.


Finding prophets is easy – finding people who will believe them is what is becoming very rare, but even that is a prophecy. (2Pe 3: 4)


Many of the bible’s prophecies regarding the “last days” have begun in this generation and the timetable for them does not carry them into the next.


While not replete, here is a sufficient list.

Wars, rumors of wars and military skirmishes of all kinds. (Mt 24: 6)

Earthquakes, famines and natural disasters and nations at each other’s throats. (Mt 24: 7)

A worldwide rise in perversion and sodomy which no one thinks is sinful. (Ro 1: 21-32)

A powerful northern nation aids Arab nations in a failed invasion of Israel. (Eze 38-39)

A great fall of the church into apostasy and licentiousness. (2Th 2: 3)

False prophets and deceivers up to and including the “antichrist.” (2Th 2: 7-11)

A final battle which draws every nation in the world into a total defeat. (Rev 16: 14-16)

The literal, physical and triumphant return of Jesus Christ to earth. (Lu 21: 27)

We don’t need to bend these prophecies to fit our day – this is our day in fast approach.


Almost 40 years ago God revealed to me in no uncertain terms that America will undergo a time of extreme poverty and scarcity as these days fully progress. It would seem that with Mr. Trump at the helm of this nation that, better days, jobs and economic boom times are coming. I will say nothing to discourage those who want to see our President succeed. I can say that we live in a volatile world where events here in the U.S. are directly affected by global occurrences.


There was a time when America’s stability helped to steady the world, but today it may be that the world has a more profound effect on our nation than we do on the world.


The when’s, where’s and how’s of this message are unknown to me, but the promise of its coming is as sure as the rising of the sun.


When all of these matters begin to unravel before our eyes and begin to get far more serious than they are today, what can be done? It is the very heart of the gospel in a single concise sentence, but wisdom begs us not to wait until the last minute to take it seriously.


“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Ro 10: 13)

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