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Obama - The gods Must Be Crazy by Rev Michael Bresciani, Aug 2009

gods must be crazy

In 1980 Mimosa Films released a film comedy starring a Kalahari bushman named only N!xau, don’t ask for the pronunciation, who not only bears a remarkable physical likeness to Barack Obama but the plot of the award winning film has several similarities to the life of the President. Let’s see.


The star of the film The Gods Must Be Crazy died in 2003 after returning from a brief stint as an actor, to his life on the dry plains as a herdsman. He brandished an almost constant but compelling smile that made it seem easier to deal with the fact that practically no one on earth except other Bushmen could understand his Kalahari language which consists of clicks and pops rather than voweletic sounds.


The story begins with the pilot of a small aircraft thoughtlessly throwing a cola bottle out the window of his plane. N!xau  thinks the gods have thrown him a gift from the heavens. He takes the bottle back to his village where the Bushmen delight in finding various uses for it but they soon begin fighting over it. In time N!xau  decides to bring the bottle to ‘the end of the earth’ and throw it over the edge thus returning it to the gods. The entire film is based on the hilarious exploits and travels of N!xau as he makes his long journey.


The physical likeness N!xau shares with Barack Obama is purely coincidental and there are no other shared commonalities between them with the exception of one. The cola bottle seemed to fall from the heavens and with no way of identifying the source or origins of the bottle the herdsman concluded that it had to be a gift from the gods.


Not everyone would agree that Barack Obama is a gift from the gods but now millions both in America and around the world are as stumped by his appearance out of nowhere as the bushman was with the bottle. This is where we move away from tongue in cheek and the movies to some cold hard facts; or the lack of them.


The controversy about the yet unseen doctor signed long form of Barack Obama’s birth certificate takes on a more stimulating aspect when set side by side with the list of other documents that are also unseen by attorneys general, election commissioners and the general public. This growing list is taking on a sense of mystery that can only be likened to the official theme of Gods Must Be Crazy film found on the movies posters which was by the way ‘An Epic Comedy Of Absurd Proportions.


Here’s a list of documents not seen by anyone except those who are holding them.


Long form birth certificate

Passport files

Harvard Law School records

University of Chicago records of scholarly articles

Columbia University records and senior thesis

Occidental College records

Punahou School records, fifth grade thru high school

Noelani Elementary School records

Files and schedules for years as Illinois state senator

Client list while practicing law with Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Gallard law firm

Adoption records

Obama /Dunham marriage license

Soetoro/Dunham marriage license


No one, The United States Justice Foundation, Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Attorney Mario Apuzzo, Attorney Philip Berg, Arlen Williams, Rush Limbaugh or John Q public has been granted so much as a peek at the mysterious invisible documents.


Doesn’t it seem that Barack Obama just fell out of the skies like the cola bottle? Is he a gift from the gods? Americans love their fantasies as Hollywood fare attests but this is not what is supposed to happen when allowing a citizen to assume the highest office in the land. What have we done, what have we missed is their a way to correct it?


Whether known as ‘birthers’ or just ordinary citizens those who are asking to see these documents are not using the appellation ‘Mr. Transparency’ to mock the President. He made the promise to be fully transparent but now uses attorneys and political clout to cover the most basic revelations about his life and personal history. It is his un-kept promise that serves to mock.


Some have undergone ridicule, scolding, character assassination and threats to their careers and livelihoods to ask the questions that now upwards of 40% of Americans also want answers to. Now there are reports that even their safety may have been threatened.


Award winning journalist and editor Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press and Douglas Hagmann, director, Northeast Intelligence Network,  have reported that the result of an investigation by the Northeast Intelligence Network has concluded that the cover-up of the documents and the effort to squash any discussion of them goes all the way back to November of 2008.


McLeod and Hagmann said in an article August 4, 2009 entitled ‘Media Blackout on Obama eligibility dates back to November’ “Today, after an extensive eight month investigation, the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press are breaking their silence and revealing explosive information about a widespread cover-up that began at the earliest stages of the Obama presidential campaign. The cover-up traces back to some of the most powerful and influential people in the U.S. and continues today.”


In the heat of debate sometimes names are hurled out and tempers flare but in the cold light of day even a child would ask ‘what’s the big secret.’ What is it about common birth and school records that has to be so carefully guarded? It raises yet one more question if we are going to use the term ‘conspiracy’ where would it fit best. Would it fit best when speaking of those who are asking for the documents or with those who are concealing them?


For all their faults, foibles and foolishness no one would ever dare say the American people are dumb. Some would go so far as to say that America is the birthplace of what is called ‘common sense.’ It is the birthplace of Barack Obama that is a great deal harder to ascertain.


Attorneys and armies of cronies notwithstanding; it is both the citizens and common sense that are asking the simple question ‘where are the documents?’


It seems as if President Obama does not understand that while most Americans always respect the ‘office of the President’ they don’t necessarily automatically respect the President; that respect must be earned. What he does in office and how he handles himself in domestic and foreign affairs is how he is judged. What we have in Barack Obama is a president that has not yet declared and proven where he is actually from. Where is the foundation on which to build trust?


Posting a certificate of live birth on an internet site is not far from throwing a bottle out of an airplane and expecting America to believe that the gods have given us a gift.


The American people deserve the ‘transparency’ that was promised to them by the President but beyond that they deserve nothing less than the truth. People who value freedom are those who also know there is no freedom without the truth. Jesus Christ said it this way “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (Jn 8:32)


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