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Before you punch someone in the face – At least look “Presidential” Michael Bresciani, February 25, 2016

punch-in-the-face-says-Trump.pngOnce you’ve got a front runner, stop over thinking it and asking all those difficult questions. Just put him in a classy suit and push him to the top of the heap. – Today’s American Voter


Donald Trump said of a protestor that showed up in one of his rallies - "I'd like to punch him in the face." The man was physically removed from the rally, bystanders and reporters say he did not try to hurt anyone or the security personnel as he was ejected.


Only a general perusal through the blogs and tweets of Trump’s supporters indicate beyond all doubt that, the adage, “birds of a feather, flock together” is still holding true in 2016. Trump’s fans breathe out the same kind of profanity and threats as Trump does. Don’t look for civility, look for cover.


No one seems to notice that Trump may now be responding to his advisors who may have told him to coiffeur the hair and dump the baseball cap for a well-tailored dark suit and dawn a new “presidential look.”


It seems they can take the Trumpster out of the spoiled bratty class of citizens, but they can’t take the brat out of the Trump.


We have had lots of presidents in this generation each with character anomalies and quirks, now at last - a presidential possibility that wants to punch Americans in the face!


Do we need statistical analysis on the probabilities on why this kind of attitude and lack of self-control is likely to start the next world war? No science of any kind is needed to see that in a world where nations are raging and global fires are igniting almost daily that if you think to punch some of these powers “in the face” – you will get punched back.


Strong men do not need to be bullies, but bullies are not really strong men. If you do not fully understand this, you may become the next sycophant for the Donald.


While every candidate must deal with the question of building a wall between Mexico and the United States, we need to be reminded that in 2008 Barack Obama was also concerned with building a wall. His was a wall of obfuscation and secreting away under color of law anything to do with his past. School records, origins and details were all quickly cast behind a wall where they remain to this day.


Trump’s colorful past is too public’ to be hidden and we can now understand why he often remarked that he wished the election “were now” – before any primary battles had ever taken place. If the election were then, it would not be necessary to build a wall. The wave of popularity would catapult Donald to the Oval Office long before the facts of his past could be examined.


The facts of Trump’s life are now being uncovered, but have run into another wall. It is the familiar wall of the pop-culture hero that Americans are famous for, it is known as the “Don’t confuse me with the facts” wall.


Can this wall be broken down before the general election or is it already too late?


Unlike Sanders, who offers free stuff instead of freedom, Trump has only a few weeks to keep his past hidden. Secular academicians have had an entire generation of indoctrination to prepare Sanders an army of young people who will parade with placards displaying their ignorance of America’s founding principles and the cost of retaining them.


Hillary has had a long stretch to build her political machine complete with a million hidden secrets. Trump is at a disadvantage, time is not on his side.


Super Tuesday is March 1, 2016 which is just a little late to see the outcome of the pre-trial conference to determine fraud in the suit against ‘Trump University.’ The Federal Court in San Diego lists Trump as a witness in a case to determine whether participants in a 2005 course who were told, "I can turn anyone into a successful real estate investor, including you." were defrauded. Trump also says in the promotional video, "Are YOU My Next Apprentice?" – Newsmax, Feb 23, 2016


Riches to you Guru Trump will have to give answer on just why those who signed up received nothing for their course which cost the plaintiffs a total combined amount of over $60,000. The plaintiffs in the case no doubt have this word for Mr. Trump – you’re fired!


Innocent until proven guilty is the question for the court in San Diego, keeping the fraud case out of the media before Super Tuesday is the question for the Trump campaign.


It is clearer now why Trump is in such a hurry to get voters down to the polls. What else may bubble to the surface before it can be circumvented with a quick retort or a punch in the face?


The Trump campaign would have us to believe that he is completely honest and the frosting on the cake is that he is no “politician.”


If the Trump University case and his recent lies about the Cruz campaign are not enough to see that Trump is not completely honest, then there is only one question remaining for Trump’s facts disdaining supporters.


If the non-politician should become America’s next president – doesn’t that make him America’s number one politician?  


We don’t expect all our presidents to be fully lettered, but judging from Mr. Trump’s limited vocabulary, that other than his special skills in construction and real estate he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.


But really, punching people in the face! The only way to describe Mr. Trump’s compunction to punch people is to use one of his own favorite expressions – that’s really stupid.


“All who fear the Lord will hate evil. Therefore, I hate pride and arrogance, corruption and perverse speech.” - Proverbs 8: 13 NLT

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Michael Bresciani is the publisher of American Prophet.org since 2005. The website features the articles and reports of Rev Bresciani along with some of America’s best writers and journalists, news and reviews that have earned the site the title of - The Website for Insight. Millions have read his timely reports and articles in online journals and print publications across the nation and the globe. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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